Persistence Guarantees Success

The one quality that can virtually guarantee success in almost any aspect of life is your ability to never give up on a worthwhile goal. Persistence will undoubtedly bring you more success than any other single trait.  There are countless stories of how people overcame seemly insurmountable odds and yet eventually succeeded greatly by just being determined to never quit, never to stop and to just keep pushing through the rough spots no matter what happens. 

Unfortunately our human nature too quickly tells us to stop beating our heads against the wall when things seem difficult. Our brain is fast to tell us that hard things are not really worth the effort so why keep going.  Doubt is the natural enemy of persistence. Doubt will kill your ambition and stop you from accomplishing your dreams.  If you have judged a goal to be good and valuable the trick is then not to allow that evil doubt to steal it from you.

Did you know that Dr. Seuss sent his first book to 27 different publishers before he finally found one that was willing to publish him? Most “intelligent” people would have told themselves that if maybe 5 publishers rejected the book then it must be useless and why keep trying.  Yet Dr. Seuss was determined not to let doubt rob him. His ability to keep on going was what guaranteed his ultimate success.

There is one politician who failed in business at the young age of 21; he was defeated in a legislative race at age 22; He failed again in business at age 24; he suffered the death of the love of his life at age 26; he suffered a nervous breakdown at age 27; he ran for congress at the age of 34 and lost; he ran for the senate at the age of 45; he failed in an his effort to become the vice-president at age 47; he lost another senatorial race at age 49; and yet he finally was elected president of the United States at age 52. Abraham Lincoln was one of this country’s most successful and loved presidents but only because he was determined to never give and never quit! How determined are you?

History is packed with examples such as these that prove beyond any question that persistence is the key to success.  So with that understanding in mind, the question is then how do I become a person of resolute determination, persistence and doggedness. The great things in life almost always seem difficult, scary or uncomfortable at least at the start. Unfortunately our brains are wired to protect us from hurting ourselves but this ends up often stopping us from accomplishing great things. We need a plan to overcome our own negative mind games.

The key is to first choose goals that have real and significant value to you. If the motive behind something you want something is truly strong you will be much less likely to easily give up. To stay motivated you need a motive. Start by assessing and understanding the value of anything you attempt. If the reason is strong enough your willpower will also be strong.  Never stop continuing forward should be your simple plan.  

Let’s use an exaggerated example and say that your child was sick and dying but the only way to save her was to pay the doctors a million dollars.  How much more likely would you be willing to keep trying and not give up then?  My guess is that you would never quit.  You would never stop trying to earn the money until you had enough to pay the doctors to save your kid.  This is because you had a super-strong reason behind the goal.

Never lose hope. As long as God has put breath into your body you can still accomplish your dreams.  It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, please remember that you can do great things if you stay persistent and never give up! Be determined to not let small setbacks and challenges prevent you from reaching your purpose in life.  Staying motivated throughout these hard time (and we all will face hard times) is possible if you know in advance that they are coming.  Be ready to listen to motivational messages. Be ready to watch motivational videos and have someone already set-up such as a coach or mentor to help you through the dark days until you feel strong again. These time usually don’t last long but most people just give up then when often times their greatest success was just around the corner.  Be a person that is determined to be a person of great resolution and you will be amazed at the incredible things that are yours for the taking.  Never Give Up!

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